ÆTHER SPACE is a platform for Texas' emerging student artists.  We offer exhibition and commercial opportunities for young artists beginning their career in the art world that is devised to cultivate connections to patrons and supporters.

ÆTHER SPACE is a reference for ether (or aether), the forgotten fifth element; a translucent, colorless and pleasant smelling gas that exists everywhere and occupies all space. Flammable by nature, it is often characterized as an energetic source of power and creation and it is in this spirit that ÆTHER SPACE was founded: to create a space for developing Texas student artists to grow and discover new opportunities.



Carmen Champion, Creative Director

Carmen Champion holds an MA in Art History from the University of Houston with a thesis on early Texas art and culture. She has worked in the curatorial departments of major academic and public museums in Texas and is currently the resident art historian and gallery director at San Jacinto College Central Campus. In addition she often lectures to private groups on the early beginnings of Texas art and is committed to supporting Texas art and artists.

Consultation services to private collectors and business owners interested in establishing a portfolio are offered through private appointments. For further information contact her at aetherspaceart@gmail.com or directly at 832-279-6229