ÆTHER SPACE is a platform for Texas' emerging artists located inside Black Swan Yoga in Houston, TX.  We offer exhibition and commercial opportunities to student artists, cultivating connections to patrons and supporters.

ÆTHER SPACE is named after Vishuddha, the 5th chakra in Yogic philosophy. Located in the throat, this chakra manifests as the voice, the way by which our mind makes itself known to the world. The 5th chakra is also associated with the ancient element of ether (or aether), an energetic source of power and creation. Aether is often thought of “holding space” for the rest of the elements to manifest, and it is in this spirit that ÆTHER SPACE was founded: to create a space for developing Texan artists to grow and discover new opportunities.


Carmen Champion, Creative Director

Carmen Champion holds an MA in Art History from the University of Houston with a thesis on early Texas art and culture. She has worked in the curatorial departments of major academic and public museums in Texas and currently holds an adjunct faculty position at both the University of Houston and Lone Star College. In addition she often lectures to private groups on the early beginnings of Texas art and is committed to supporting Texas art and artists.

Chelsea Shannon, Co-Director

Chelsea Shannon holds a MA in Art History from the University of Houston with a thesis on contemporary landscape photography. She has worked in galleries, auction houses, and museums across the state of Texas and currently serves as the Gallery Interpretation Specialist at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.