Opening // March 3, 2018 // 8-10 pm

And They Walked Hand In Hand, Side By Side

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Merriam Webster’s word of the year in 2017 was “feminism,” indicating it was the top online search for a vast cross-section of society seeking its meaning. In celebration of Women’s History Month, the exhibition And They Walked Hand in Hand, Side by Side aims to further define and distill the term “feminism.” 

What are the implications of this newfound interest and awareness of what feminism is today, and is it an opportunity to reimagine what it means to be a feminist? 

This exhibition endeavors to explore and construct new knowledge as it relates to femininity, beauty, cultural identity and our understanding of modern feminism. Furthermore it looks to create a space to engage in dynamic conversation around the issues of feminism so that we grow to collectively acknowledge our strength in numbers when we decisively aim to walk hand in hand, side-by-side. 

Featuring Texas' emerging student artists from across the state who are actively enrolled in and pursuing a fine arts degree from a Texas College or University. 

Carolina Alamilla - Texas Tech
Josie Del Castillo - UT- Rio Grande Valley
Sahar Fattahi - Texas Tech
Billi London-Gray - UT-Arlington
Jesus Marie Perez - UT Rio Grande Valley

Also included are special works from local artists Jane Ponte and Supér Flaké affiliated with Judith Masliyah and My Flaming Heart - Opening night only!

Exhibition Opening// November 4th// 8-10 PM

"When I Breathe Out, You Breathe In"


Featuring Texas student artists Jesus Perez and Erin Carty, this exhibition invites the viewer to consider the widening triangular gap between our digital identities, the natural world, and one another. Is there a way to connect what has been disconnected or is there a balance to be found in what rests in between?

Multidisciplinary artist Jesus Perez references the act of identity construction vis-a-vis each other and the world around us through his textual innuendos and juxtapositions of color and form. Jesus is currently pursuing a BA in graphic design from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, he works as a freelance graphic designer and practicing artist while splitting his time between Houston and McAllen, Texas. 

Erin Carty’s photographs present the stark tension between what we long for and what is simultaneously out of reach: fresh air, wide open space, and room to breathe. In contrast, her paintings depict that which we are bound to: handheld devices, pixelated verbiage and multi-layered yet incomplete experiences. Erin was born in Hiedelberg, Germany and raised in various towns and cities before settling into El Paso, TX. She received her BFA in studio art from Texas State University with a minor in Psychology and is currently a second year graduate student in the MFA program at The University of Houston.

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Call For Submissions: Ongoing!

ÆTHER SPACE operates within a three month exhibition turn. We are currently accepting submissions for our upcoming exhibition in Late September, early October. See more information on how to submit your work under "contact/submissions."