Exhibition Opening// November 4th// 8-10 PM

"When I Breathe Out, You Breathe In"


Featuring Texas student artists Jesus Perez and Erin Carty, this exhibition invites the viewer to consider the widening triangular gap between our digital identities, the natural world, and one another. Is there a way to connect what has been disconnected or is there a balance to be found in what rests in between?

Multidisciplinary artist Jesus Perez references the act of identity construction vis-a-vis each other and the world around us through his textual innuendos and juxtapositions of color and form. Jesus is currently pursuing a BA in graphic design from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, he works as a freelance graphic designer and practicing artist while splitting his time between Houston and McAllen, Texas. 

Erin Carty’s photographs present the stark tension between what we long for and what is simultaneously out of reach: fresh air, wide open space, and room to breathe. In contrast, her paintings depict that which we are bound to: handheld devices, pixelated verbiage and multi-layered yet incomplete experiences. Erin was born in Hiedelberg, Germany and raised in various towns and cities before settling into El Paso, TX. She received her BFA in studio art from Texas State University with a minor in Psychology and is currently a second year graduate student in the MFA program at The University of Houston.

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